Clear photos of the G1General

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  1. oakie

    oakie Member

  2. Rob

    Rob I'm tellin' mommy on you! Administrator

    I just saw this... right before I'm headed out for the day I read that article and it made my day. Seriously, WOW.

    TBH I think the Dream... well its not ugly... but not the sexiest phone I've ever seen. I don't really care though because its really about the applications!

    Thanks for posting this!
  3. ReverendDeath

    ReverendDeath New Member

    True, it's not exactly winning any beauty pageants. But I'm sure the black one looks much better and I'm more interested in the functionality anyway. :p
  4. deedend

    deedend Member

    For me is a lot ugly... but if it will have the GPS module (not only A-GPS) inside I will seriously evaluate to buy it!
  5. HCSC

    HCSC Well-Known Member

    For me also it's ugly, is not beautiful. And form is acting like plastics. I think I will wait another Android device.
  6. gsmd

    gsmd New Member

    Well, not the sexiest thing ever seen. The keyboard actually looks ugly. Hope guys won't try to follow Apple and bind it to a single carrier in the US not selling in Europe for substantial amount of time.
  7. wsLy

    wsLy Member

    Don't know why but the black version looks so much better...
    Is it because the black version is completely black, and this one is white and a grey keyboard?

    But I prefer a black phone.
  8. mmanson

    mmanson New Member

    ugly-thats the word. right now I'm on HTC diamond and it's a really sexy device.

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