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Cleared data from media storage appSupport

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  1. messy-h

    messy-h Member

    .. so the correct music would display in the music app, which worked. But it also removed ALL standard tones, ie ringtones, notifications and alarm tones...

    Is there anyway I can get them back without factory resetting, ie download them from somewhere??


  2. CarsnGadgets

    CarsnGadgets Well-Known Member

    are you sure they are gone, If you go to setting, sound and display, notification sounds, are they listed?

    clearing the data just causes the phone to forget which ones were set, you should just be able to re-select the ones you had before.
  3. messy-h

    messy-h Member

    Nope, all 3 lists have completely been emptied, except for one custom file (which caused this massive annoyance in the first place!!!) which is on my SD card that I was goin to use as a ringtone. I now have no message tone (it just vibrates) and I think it only vibrates as my alarm too (I cant remember from this morning lol)... Must be someway of retrieving them as surely they are saved on the ROM?
  4. messy-h

    messy-h Member

  5. messy-h

    messy-h Member

    Ok so they randomly came back last night... so wierd.
  6. pjhenry1216

    pjhenry1216 New Member

    It's possible that you hadn't restarted your phone or otherwise forced the phone to re-mount the SD card. Those lists are probably created at the same time it scans the phone for music. If you restarted the phone or connected the phone to the PC and mounted/unmounted the SD card there, then it'll force an index of the card. At that time, the lists were probably repopulated. Not sure if this is the case, but it popped in my head as I read your post.
  7. d.gupta

    d.gupta New Member

    and the files are not coming back. I tried rebooting the phone with no results. please help... i can't live with a silent phone... and i definitely don't want to reset the phone...
  8. ranydiab

    ranydiab New Member

    Use app named: music database repaire, i tried it and fixed the same issue on my phone ucan also searsh google play for media scanner, i wish you best luck

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