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  1. ecnar

    ecnar Member

    Hello, My stratosphere at this timeis using about 340mb out of 370mb of available RAM. I want to clear this out. I would first like to know exactly what I will be erasing when I do this. And what I need to back up. Right now the phone is running very slowly. I also have about 5.6gb left out of 14gb in total momory. However, I plan to get the 32gb sd card eventually.
    Thanks, I would have done a forum search for this but my phone is acting so slow I'm lucky to get this far.

  2. ecnar

    ecnar Member

    Well, I was able to speed up my phone by moving a few apps to the SD card and uninstalling the apps I didn't need.
  3. acejavelin

    acejavelin Well-Known Member

    It is normal for RAM to usage to get very high with Android (a Linux based operating system), RAM is used differently in Linux than Windows, to Linux free RAM is wasted RAM. When RAM is needed, stale and old tasks are killed automatically to free up the RAM needed at the time, although the Stratosphere is not the quickest and this can lead to lag in the device. You can try a task manager/killer like ES Task Manager if it really bothers you.
  4. tender rat

    tender rat Member

    Try a shutdown-battery pull. Clears things up for me.

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