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  1. LadyRhonda

    LadyRhonda New Member

    Can anyone tell me how I access the clipboard on my Samsung Admire? I use the copy/paste tool frequently on my pc and would like to use it on my phone as well. I accidentally copy things to it when I'm browsing all the time, but don't know how to get to what I copied . Thanks!

  2. SUroot

    SUroot Well-Known Member Developer

    What will gaining its location get you?/ I dont understand.
  3. javasirc

    javasirc Well-Known Member

    You can try Clipper from google play. This might be what your looking for. It will automatically add copied text to it, and delete it after an amount of time.

    To access your clippings, open notifications, and tap Clipper.

    CopiPe is another tool similar to Clipper, but with less features.
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  4. sgosnell

    sgosnell Well-Known Member

    For most Android devices, you can paste the clipboard contents by pressing and holding the box where you want to paste. A tappable box with the word "Paste" in it should come up, and tapping that should paste the clipboard contents. I do like Clipper, since it lets you save often-used snippets in it for pasting whenever you need them.
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