Cliq 2.1 upgrade out, XT should be closeGeneral

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  1. tcope

    tcope Well-Known Member

  2. mpage64

    mpage64 New Member

  3. blackrob1010

    blackrob1010 Member

  4. Android fan#1

    Android fan#1 Well-Known Member

    EGH!!!! When will tmobile give the xt froyo?
  5. Neoxalucard

    Neoxalucard Member

    Really, it's up to Moto to upgrade the XT to Froyo... But I don't see that happening.

    I'm even wondering if the XT will get 2.1 at this point, but we'll see.
  6. huggyberries

    huggyberries New Member

    I've asked a few TMobile employees if they expect the Android upgrade and they said "No". I'm really bummed as all I want is the Kindle! So if there isnt an upgrade by the first of the year, I'm looking for a different phone. Would love to hear some good, concrete news on the upgrade for the XT if anyone hears anything.
  7. Neoxalucard

    Neoxalucard Member

    The best place to go for XT upgrade news is on Moto's offical fourms, they have a thread that only gets updated by the mods about update info.

    Subscribe to that thread and get an email when 2.1 is ready, or delayed, or not coming after all... Either way.
  8. tcope

    tcope Well-Known Member

    Well, a TM is the _last_ place you want to find out _any_ information about the upgrade! They simply have _no_ idea.

    The Cliq has the upgrade and Moto _IS_ working on the XT right now. Last I heard from _Moto_ was that they were working on some audio problem. I got the impression that this was about it. Granted, what normally would take anyone else 1 hour to fix will take Moto about 1 month on the XT. Obviously its about the lowest of the low priorities for Moto (an injustice to customers for sure).

    But the upgrade _will_ (no doubt) come... it's just a "question" of when. By question I mean... no one is even guessing at this point as everyone is going to even waste the time it takes to say a date.
  9. chaotic778

    chaotic778 Member

    idont think the cliq will get froyo since the new cliq is coming out
  10. Android fan#1

    Android fan#1 Well-Known Member

    It will get froyo I ask the GM of motorola but he says there working on it.
  11. ImmortalSynn

    ImmortalSynn Active Member

    1) seriously, who are you trying to kid? lol
    2) very doubtful, considering that the Cliq-II is now out.

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