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Cliq Android G1 Rooted and need WiFi Fix

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  1. data95

    data95 New Member

    My cliq was rooted by a "friend"... I got the launcher pro off of there and.. I don't know what it is running now, but it isn't the cupcake software it came with and I would be happy withe way it is now, but the WiFi doesn't work. It stops after "obtaining IP address". I'm quite literate on a network and nothing I set (such as static IP etc) works.

    Someone smarter than me, please help! Also I can't run the SDK program as administrator.. it's greyed out. Seems like the rooting may be messed up.

    Any help!?

  2. rachelm920

    rachelm920 Active Member

    Did you ever get any assistance on this?
    Go to settings then about phone, this will tell you which ROM you have

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