Cliq Bluetooth Issues

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    May 9, 2010
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    Does anybody else use their Cliq to stream Bluetooth music to their stereo decks in their vehicles? Ever since I swapped over to my Cliq from my 9700 Blackberry Bold I haven't been able to get the streaming Bluetooth to work right. The Bold had absolutely ZERO problems with streaming music from the phone through the stereo. The deck is a Pioneer model # DEH-7100BT.

    It connects to the deck and does play music but there is quite a bit of popping, the most prevailent issue is that the music will fast forward itself then go into normal play and back to fast forward.

    I was told by a T-Mobile associate that there is a new patch/update coming up that is specifically designed to fix this type of issue. Any truth to that rumor? Thanks in advance.



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