Cliq Bootloader found!

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  1. Jr33

    Jr33 Member

    Press and hold the camera and power buttons together while inserting the battery until the boot loader menu appears. press the volume down button within 10 seconds to bring up the recovery option. You can do an if somebody has the courage to try to flash something! If you press the volume up button within 10 seconds it brings you to a fastboot screen but it says that fastboot is disabled!

    There is also a 2nd screen I found. If you power on the phone with the squares button (menu) held down it will bring up a blue screen at the bottom that says "Bootloader USB Int". When i plug it into the USB on my PC it comes up with a new device "Motorola Flash Interface" I may be onto something here!

  2. keebs29

    keebs29 Active Member

    What can u do if the Cliq can flash????
  3. Jr33

    Jr33 Member

    Is this your first Android phone or something? We want to be able to flash custom ROMs. Motorola hasn't specified if they were going to update to 2.0 with the Cliq. MotoBlur is basically a custom build of Android. I love the phone but I want the option to be able to upgrade or change the phone as I want.
  4. keebs29

    keebs29 Active Member

    (haha). Why, YES, this is my 1st droid. I have no idea what "flash" is but if its going to be something i want on my phone, I want to do it. Please keep us all posted on when "flashing" can be done on the Cliq. I've had a blackberry for over 7 yrs, so getting used to this Cliq is HARD..... :)
  5. Jr33

    Jr33 Member

    I am keeping my eyes on a few different forums waiting for this! When I started flashing the different roms out there on my G1 was when I really started having fun with Android and started to see its potential. I am just waiting on some developer to crack this phone. Manufacturers don't really want us to have full access to our phones because we can brick them. Welcome to Android!
  6. chameleon

    chameleon New Member

    looks like were opening doors here .. good job.. hopefully some brave soul takes this further and maybe this is the root break we need to liven this phone up!
  7. nanobis

    nanobis Member

    Yea i've found that too. but i cant bet past the a "warning screen" triangle over a phone. looks promising though.
  8. Jr33

    Jr33 Member

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