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  1. clitrenta

    clitrenta Well-Known Member

    I seen a link to an app on either MOTO's board or T-Mo's that allowed you to do screen shots. It doesn't require you to root your phone either. I think it was just a desktop executeable and was real easy to use. I'll have to look for that thing again.

  2. HotGhettoMess

    HotGhettoMess Well-Known Member

    Thanks yo :). I searched around and found this: How To Capture Screenshots With Your Android Mobile Phone

    The programs you'd have to install look like their made only for a Windows PC but I'll see if it'll work on my Mac later. The only Windows computers I have at home are super slow with very little space, and according to one of the comments on that site, the SDK components take up over 1GB worth of space.

    If Android just had some sort of a built-in feature that snagged screenshots and had it automatically saved to the gallery, I'd be very happy. :)
  3. HotGhettoMess

    HotGhettoMess Well-Known Member

    Anyone else beginning to grow impatient for that 2.1 update? I noticed the Eris owners just got theirs a day or two ago, but a few are complaining about some of the changes.

    I was satisfied with 1.6 on my MyTouch, but curiosity continues to kill me on what 2.1 will have to offer.
  4. r0cket

    r0cket New Member

    ahh, god! now 2.2 (froyo) was announced, and we'll be waiting for that update FOREVER. will this impatience never end? do you think the cliq xt will ever get a taste of that froyo goodness? at least without a root? i'm seriously running circles waiting for the 2.1 update, i need it, I REALLY NEED IT. im even looking to buy a different phone because it's taking motorola so effing long to put out these updates. i mean, we're still languishing in 1.5! its embarrassing! i have to use this thing in public?!?! any know if xt was rooted? link?
  5. johnwebler

    johnwebler New Member

    Aw man! 2.2 supports wifi tethering for up to 8 devices and is 450% faster than 2.1???!! Forget 2.1, I want 2.2 now!! haha (yet another impatient person added to the forums...) :p
  6. HotGhettoMess

    HotGhettoMess Well-Known Member

    So we have anywhere from today until the 30th of this month to receive the update... I have a gut feeling it'll come late.
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  7. strike2

    strike2 Member

    This is probably true.
  8. ImmortalSynn

    ImmortalSynn Active Member

    Yeah, I'm gonna third that.

    Less than three weeks to go, and not even leaked speculation on a firm date? Sorry, but it'll probably be Q3 before we XTers see 2.1 :(
  9. admmck81

    admmck81 New Member

    Someone on the moto boards was whining that the update was moved to July, but I have not seen any documentation on this being the case. But nobody from moto disputed it....
  10. clitrenta

    clitrenta Well-Known Member

    Yah, unfortunately I've seen rumblings along that line myself. I was more than willing to give them their full 3 months but dragging it out longer is NOT going to make me happy. I've been discovering things I'd really like to have that I can't get with 1.5. I don't have any particular complaints about my phone, just that I want these new features - sooner rather than later. They're getting on my last nerve now. :(
  11. ImmortalSynn

    ImmortalSynn Active Member

    Agreed, and it's made worse by the fact that I've been playing with the new MyTouch Slide... and though I hate phones with physical keypads, I LOVE how 2.1 operates!

    The anticipation is overwhelming, the delivery however-- quite underwhelming. :(
  12. strike2

    strike2 Member

    The days grow longer.
  13. strike2

    strike2 Member

  14. HotGhettoMess

    HotGhettoMess Well-Known Member

  15. HotGhettoMess

    HotGhettoMess Well-Known Member

    Okay, sorry to bump the thread with more useless replies but DAYUM. I've grown so beyond impatient that I don't even care anymore if the update comes on time. If anything, I think I'd rather prefer skipping 2.1 and having us go straight to the 2.2 FroYo update, which is rumored to be the case at the moment. What do you guys think?
  16. onilink67

    onilink67 Active Member

    I think with that mentality we will never get an upgrade since there is always going to be something better coming out

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  17. i guarantee it will not be froyo. it will be 2.1 and if they can't get it right before september then it won't be until 2011, as they are not going to upgrade your current model at the time of year when they make the most money on selling NEW models. sorry guys, but it's obvious we're getting the run-a-round - the xt was doomed from the start.

    I'd say go ahead and start shopping other models that are preloaded with froyo or 2.1 (whichever you prefer) - just make sure it's not motorola, cause when froyo is yesterday's news, you'll be right back in the same boat you're in now...sitting, waiting, and wishing.
  18. NowVoyager

    NowVoyager Well-Known Member

  19. dachillefx

    dachillefx Active Member

    How do you watch flash cartoons and play games is their a web page for this?
  20. cactusgeek

    cactusgeek New Member

    It looks like we are going to get 2.1 mid August.

  21. sookster54

    sookster54 Well-Known Member

    Should be sometimes this month, the Quench version will probably have to wait til Oct or so. :(
  22. NowVoyager

    NowVoyager Well-Known Member

    Could we please site a source for this info? Was it something that you heard or read? It would be good to see it in print somewhere, LOL. The Roadmap is unclear but it, too looks like a mid-August drop. If you have a source, it would be great if you could share it with us!
  23. lestat0122

    lestat0122 Member

    About one week till mid-august and I have a bad feeling that we ain't getting 2.1

    I am seriously disappointed with this phone, seems like it slows down every day more little by little. hopefully 2.1 will change this.
  24. lestat0122

    lestat0122 Member

    About one week till mid-august and I have a bad feeling that we ain't getting 2.1

    I am seriously disappointed with this phone, seems like it slows down every day more little by little. hopefully 2.1 will change this.
  25. HotGhettoMess

    HotGhettoMess Well-Known Member

    You know, I wouldn't be surprised if mid-August was when they were going to announce the release of 2.1 rather than just rolling it out. But I think if they knew they were going to give it to us by then, they'd announce it by now since it's right around the corner...

    Then again I wouldn't be surprised either if 2.1 doesn't even come out this month for us.

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