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  1. meecuhh

    meecuhh New Member

    Does the xt's battery really run out fast? I already removed myfacebook and twitter updates and I dont go on my IMs anymore but it seems that the battery doesnt last. My xt is new Ive only have it for 3weeks I switched it w the mytouch 3.5 cus of its sd card issue so I dont wanna assume that theres something wrong w my xt's battery.

  2. dachillefx

    dachillefx Active Member

    I have had my Xt for a week and I really use it and I average on one single charge between 30+ hrs without any task killers,managers and or cleaners. Like right now I am over 30hrs at 12% left
  3. meecuhh

    meecuhh New Member

    My 15% last about 30 mins. So I guess it really my battery..
  4. strike2

    strike2 Member

    Turn off 3G, only turn it on when using it (surfing the web or using a web based app), lower the brightness. I went from not being able to make it a full day on 3G to almost 3 days on EDGE.
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  5. ImmortalSynn

    ImmortalSynn Active Member

    There's always the (simple but effective) option of a car charger as well. ;)
  6. keng223

    keng223 New Member

    maybe a little premature on my post here considering i don't even have my xt yet (i just bought one off of ebay). I'm going to be traveling in south america for a year and will surely want good battery life as I may be away from electric outlets for stretches of time. Can i simply buy two or three replacement batteries and keep them charged and swap them out as each dies on me? does this seem plausible?
  7. meecuhh

    meecuhh New Member

    i think thats a good idea. i dont get how some peoples battery last for 30+ hrs my full charged battery only last 12hrs. even if im not doing anything. and all the updates are turned off.
  8. TheCyclone

    TheCyclone New Member

    My battery lasts an alright time if i dont run apps all the time i use a task killer to make sure when im not running apps that i conserve the battery but on a normal basis my battery can last 28 hours but i texts alot and am always doing something on it so i run it down quickly lol
  9. sookster54

    sookster54 Well-Known Member

    Nope, good battery here, 1420mAh is plenty for a phone with specs such as this. Unplugged from charger 8am and about 3pm it was at 71% and I used it quite a bit. I keep GPS and BT turned off of course, I have a wifi auto enabler which turns wifi on when I enter an area with a familiar network, and brightness to 50%.

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