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  1. onewho

    onewho New Member

    So this started Saturday night/Sunday morning for daylight savings. Instead of my phone setting itself back 1 hour it jumped back 2 hours.

    I managed to manually fix this and set the clock to the correct time, but later that day the clock jumped ahead 1 hour.

    I checked my time zones and the clock showed the correct time for where I live (Chicago), but the display still showed the wrong time (1 hour ahead).

    I once again manually reset the clock, but once again today (3 days later) my clock has jumped ahead one whole hour. I went through the process of checking my time zone and it showed the correct time for my time zone, yet the display was still off... I went through my setting and noticed I had "Use network-provided time" checked. I noticed when I unchecked it, changed the time to the correct time, and then rechecked it, it would go back to the wrong time...

    So, is it my phone that's causing this, or is it the network itself... It's really annoying to know that the time on your phone isn't accurate.

  2. kevindroid

    kevindroid Well-Known Member

    just refresh the clock and you should be fine
  3. kevindroid

    kevindroid Well-Known Member

  4. onewho

    onewho New Member

    From what I can tell the only way to completely refresh the clock is to restart the phone... That does seem to reset the clock and put the clock in the correct time and timezone... But, I still would like to know why my phone is randomly jumping ahead or back an hour. And if there is a fix to stop it from doing it in the future.
  5. dlitful

    dlitful New Member

    im having the same problem with my phone which is a Samsung Galaxy Prevail. 3days after daylight savings time it would jump 1hr back and 1hr forward throughout the day. Now it is jumping 6hrs ahead and then back to the correct time at random times throughout the day. I took it to the phone store and the did a reset on my phone but it did not help.
  6. cubman

    cubman Member

    I am having the same 6 hour jump for the last week. I called Sprint and they told me they know about this. The rep is calling me back Tuesday evening to see if the problem still persists. So far yes. Ashley the rep said more than likely it is a network issue and Sprint will fix it. I shouldn't hold my breath since they are dealing with Hurricane Sandy's aftermath. That will take weeks at least. I have had issues with the Epic Touch since I purchased it in Sept 2011 so I sort of expect this. I admit this problem is really annoying. If ATT and Verizon didn't give all kinds of money to Neocon Pac's, anti choice groups and Tea Baggers I would of been long gone waving goodbye to Sprint. I am glad to see that money spent was all wasted. Anyway, I hope this issue is fixed soon. Lastly, I am due an upgrade next June, anyone know of any top of the line Android phones expected to come out then or soon after? I had the Epic, now the Epic Touch, maybe it's time to move on from Samsung. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  7. Babanaeem

    Babanaeem New Member

    I have the same problem with my Sprint Samsung Galaxy SII. I wasnt sure if it is related to the recent 4.0.4 android upgrade or the change to daylight saving time. I tried the same things as you with no success. When I called Sprint the rep seemed clueless.
  8. nana98

    nana98 New Member

    I went to settings made sure the right time zone was set changed clock.
  9. regserv

    regserv Member

    sorry, no that does not fix it. time will continue to jump no matter the settings you use.
  10. nana98

    nana98 New Member

    If it jumps. I just turn on & off & back on though my alarms . The the time difference fixes itself. That's a minor inconvenience. Considering my on off button is broken. Glad I have insurance.

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