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  1. sting ray

    sting ray New Member

    So I bricked my Sprint, Galaxy S2. Bought a used one from a local dealer. Worked fine the first day I had it. It had ICS FH18. The next day I upgraded to ICS FH13. Now , intermittently, the clock will pop up all by itself. Sometimes while I'm susing it and sometimes when it is just sitting there. A couple times voice command has popped up by itself as well. Tried restarting, pulling battery, etc. No luck...below are a couple screenshots, showing the clock, as well as task manager to show the open apps at the time that it would pop up. Any help would be greatly appreciated, before I take it back to the store tomorrow. Thanks.



  2. sting ray

    sting ray New Member

    i think it is the clock that is displayed when you put it in a dock. not sure though, I've never used a dock...
  3. Speed Daemon

    Speed Daemon Disabled

    I just bought a real Samsung dock (not a 3rd party product) for my SII, and noticed that it goes to the always-on clock whenever it's in the dock.

    OTOH I've noticed recently that when I drag down the top bar to clear notifications, when it goes back to normal, I find that the clock app is open without me opening it. Go figure.
  4. sting ray

    sting ray New Member

    anybody ever experienced this problem?
  5. Ryno79

    Ryno79 Active Member

    yeah, mine just started doing that out of the blue...had some problems, but that was due to a bad battery. got a new phone(bad charging port), new batteries(one extra one with charger), and haven't had any problems since then. I am rooted, was on fi27, rooted with same version. now i'm installing the new fk23 leaked rom as i type this, its gonna reset the phone, so i hope it stops now.

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