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  1. udayvir

    udayvir Member

    selecting the clock app in my phone cause the screen to lock ( only if there is some screen lock enable like pattern or password )

    i recently upgraded to KPG and then one day the problem started ....

    i faced asimilar problrm on froyo too. but it disaapered after a couple of restarts and some application uninstalls

    i have tried unistalling some apps(that i think are causing the problem) .. but it has been of no use ..

    any ideas ...?

  2. udayvir

    udayvir Member

    solved it my self within 30 sec of posting

    post probably the problem is caused by application that modify the screen turnoff time . most probably by setting the blackout time to null..

    people on the internet suggest re installing such application

    Anyhow, my solution(clear the clock data):

    1. goto -> setting -> applications -> Manage Applications -> Running -> Clock
    2. Clear data.

    activated the lock pattern & clock was working now!!


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