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clock shows previous time then updates after unlockSupport

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  1. Higherground

    Higherground Member

    Why isn't the clock accurate when you unlock, I understand it a battery saver? (really can it save that much?), and if so why not have the info (clock etc) update 1st then the screen light up? I 've had my phone show me one time as I unlock, a second later another updated time, then a second later it will bump up another minute. I can't be the only one that this annoys. I have looked for appts to not sleep clock but haven't found any yet. I have found one that is on the screen constant when locked, but would prefer the clock to stay accurate even in sleep mode. Does anyone know of an app or is there a setting in the phone I can change?

    Sorry had the wrong prefix on the last thread admin please delete that thread.

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Higherground

    Higherground Member

    Is it just my phone doing this? Is your clock accurate when you hit the unlock button?
  3. Higherground

    Higherground Member

    not a single answer in close to a month? Is it that hard of a question?
  4. Higherground

    Higherground Member

    Guess so, thanks everyone
  5. Mekz

    Mekz Member

    lol Is your phone rooted?

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