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  1. meshell213

    meshell213 Member

    I've only own my GS3 for three days. I have been using another android phone for the past two years.

    I have always use this "Retro Clock Widget", which is a simple Clock widget and calendar widget, and when you click on the clock widget it will bring you to the alarm/stopwatch/time etc.

    It's working fine for the past two days, but starting this afternoon, the clock will not sync with the current time. The phone setting was set with the option to "Auto Time and Date," and the time in the notification bar is working normally.

    If I remove the widget and put it on homescreen again, it will show the right time, but then the time will freeze again.

    And then when I try to put other stock clock widget, it just will not appear on the home screen. There is no error message saying there is not enough space, but it just won't show up! :confused:

    Any idea of what's going on?

    Thanks for any input in advance.

  2. jbrian420

    jbrian420 Member

    Im also having this exact same problem, however mine is happening on a Synergy Rom modded phone. I have tried different clock widgets and they all do the same thing. Did you ever get your problem resolved?
  3. jbrian420

    jbrian420 Member

    I think I found my problem. Multicon was to blame. I had too many icons on my page.

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