Clockwork recovery install question

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  1. lilbeezy

    lilbeezy New Member

    Anyone know if we can install clockwork recovery manually on the flex

  2. haydenb91

    haydenb91 Member

    Well first someone has to port it to our device......I haven't seen any promising developer activity. It's kind of depressing actually.
  3. lilbeezy

    lilbeezy New Member

    did some research and seems as though there are generic recoveries that can be flashed to devices or some devices are similar to others not really sure about the details as I am a noob when it comes to custom roms been rooting for a while but never really got to the replacement of the entire rom any Idea or suggestions would be great.

    P.S. am familiar with java coding an C++ so come all techies
  4. Jeanna1979

    Jeanna1979 New Member

    Does anyone know how to access the recovery menu on this tab
  5. detcup4evr

    detcup4evr Member

    I use command: adb reboot recovery

    However there isn't much to do in there, there are also recovery apps in the play store.

    I believe volume down and power on also dumps u to recovery.

    I have managed to get latest version of twrp compiled, just working on flashing it, looks like I'll need to get linux daul boot working since my windows won't recognize the tablet when in fast boot. Hoping to get it flashed this week, then share
  6. Mcorther

    Mcorther New Member


    Any luck in successfully getting TWRP installed and running without hiccups?
    I've been searching around for information on this tablet like everyone else here and noticed your post on XDA (in the TWRP guide thread), so if not... that's a shame.

    On the other hand, if everything is going fine for you then do you mind sharing your efforts? I've no doubt they'd be appreciated.

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