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  1. strose09

    strose09 Well-Known Member

    Hey guys I'm trying to install a Live Wallpaper package (zip file). However, Clockwork recovery fails to install from sd card. This even happens when I want to change ROM's. The only way I can install a new ROM is through ROM manager. Can i use this method to install this zip file? In addition why does clockwork recovery keep failing?

  2. strose09

    strose09 Well-Known Member

    Figured it out from xda developers

    Ok, so I just got off IRC with attn1 and here is the fix for people like me and others having that problem with the write error. It seems that when you boot up clockwork from just the usb power method it does not work correctly. You have to boot it up from the hboot screen from a fresh reboot.

    So it is like this:
    1. Turn off phone.
    2. Hold down trackpad and hit power.
    3. Hit power once more.
    4. Choose recovery, now you are in "PROPER" clockworkmod and you can do the instructions

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