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  1. ndex477

    ndex477 Well-Known Member

    A couple of weeks ago I decided that I would install ROM Manager to do a ClockworkMod recovery on my LG Thrive. The phone options offered when installing ROM manager was only the Optimus P500. Since the Thrive is a version of the P500 I thought it was o.k. to choose this option. Next time I rebooted my phone I was left with a "BRICK". Originally thought it was due to tampering with the CarrierIQ agent but that wasn't it.

    Had to send the phone in to LG for a ROM restore. My questions are: does anyone know which version of the LG Optimus P500 series the Thrive is most compatible with? and has anyone succesfully done a backup and restore on the Thrive?

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  2. bdub3

    bdub3 New Member

    I did the exact same thing and am currently bricked. could you please let me know how you got a "ROM restore"? you said that you had to send it in to lg. how did you do this? sorry i cannot answer your question but i think clockwork mod is working on a recovery. i know you can him to make one through the app and also email him from his app description on the market or on xda. please let me know as soon as possible please how you sent it in! and was there a fee?
  3. ndex477

    ndex477 Well-Known Member

    I called the LG Headquarters(800) 243-0000. Select the mobile phones option from the menu. You will eventually be connected to a rep. and he/she will ask you a few questions and give you a RA(Return Authorization) number. Be sure to write that number down for future reference. You will need to include it when you mail your phone in.

    LG sends it out to another company to reflash the ROM. I'm thinking that since the Phoenix and Thrive are "Versions" of the Optimus P500 that ClockworkMod tries to flash it as a P500 ROM instead of flashing it as a separate P506 ROM which obviously is a totally different ROM.

    The whole process was about 12 days. Good luck.
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  4. bdub3

    bdub3 New Member

    thanks man. have you found any way to flash a recovery image otherwise?
  5. ndex477

    ndex477 Well-Known Member

    No. ROM manager is the only one that I know of. By the Thrive being a derivative handset(a version of the Optimus One) it doesn't have it's own stock ROM listed as an option when flashing ClockworkMod.

    I've even noticed that trying to mount the phone using the ADB tool is difficult. Users of other handsets seem not to have much of a problem mounting in ADB. It is a good little learner phone though.

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