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ClockworkMod and the Kyocera RiSE

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  1. jlgarr86

    jlgarr86 Well-Known Member

    I just installed ROM Manager and went to flash the ClockworkMod Recovery and when prompted to confirm my phone model well... My phone model isn't listed? Anyone know the work around for this?

  2. cole2kb

    cole2kb Member

    There is no recovery for this phone yet, so if you are actually able to flash something with ROM manager, you'll end up with a brick.
  3. jlgarr86

    jlgarr86 Well-Known Member

    this is some BS. can't overclock cause stock kernel now i can't flash a new rom, can't have a full back up... what is the point of root access on this thing? freeze system apps and remove bloat? zzz... i had more fun hacking my w580i oldschool ass walkman phone lol at least it could flash firmware.
  4. deadcereal

    deadcereal Member

    Because this phone is relatively new and not very popular. As far as I know there are no devs working on this phone yet and you are lucky to even have root. You should stop messing with your phone before you permanently ruin it and have to replace it. The only reason this phone even has root is because the method that was designed for other phones just so happened to work for this phone.

    Unless you are doing some dev work on this phone, please stop complaining about lack of options for this phone.
  5. Tattooedgod

    Tattooedgod Well-Known Member

    Yeah there is some people working on CWM for Hydro the sister phone wonder once we get it if it will be easier to port for the rise. We have some great devs working on it. I've even asked some well known Devs to help also.
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  6. Floxbu

    Floxbu New Member

    Thank you kindly. Some of us on Public Mobile don't have very many phone choices. At least they offer unlimited data.
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