ClockworkMod Install driving me crazy...

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    I sincerely apologize if this is in the wrong section or has been answered elsewhere.
    I am going crazy! For the past five hours I have been trying in vain to root my Samsung Galaxy S2 SGH-I757M. The worst part is that I cannot even pass the stage of flashing the ClockworkMod.
    I have downloaded Odin and it detects my phone just fine. I click on the boot loader option and select the .tar file. I click start and everything goes just fine. Odin returns a pass and says everything was a success.
    However, when I try and boot from the recovery mode (after allowing the device to reboot), it boots to the stock recovery manager every single time. I scoured the internet and found that if you allow the phone to fully boot sometimes it can overwrite the flash. So I unchecked the auto restart button and when the flash is reported as finished I removed the battery and attempted to boot to the recovery. This time I get the

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    Moved to Samsung Galaxy S2 HD All Things Root section. :)

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