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ClockWorkMod Recovery LG ESTEEM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!General

Why do you think theres no CWM

  1. CWM will come later

  2. there are no developers for this phone/no interest

  3. CWM is being worked on and will be released soon!!!!

  4. CWM will never come for this phone


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  1. narutoninjakid

    narutoninjakid Well-Known Member

    ClockWorkMod Recovery for the revolution on Verizon has come out already i was wondering whats stopping development for cwm on the esteem. I'm on virgin mobile right now and was going to get Motorola triumph but my parents want me to go to metroPCS so i am planning on getting this phone. i played with it in the store yesterday and it seemed like a solid phone, i liked the OS even on stock but i like experimenting and have tried CM7 before, i would like it to be one of my options. Any opinions or reasons as to why there is none so far for this phone would be appreciated.



  2. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    Be patient. Real life things come before developing something that really they dont even get paid to do.
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  3. intrdrgn

    intrdrgn Well-Known Member

    Exactly, this phone just came out. give it a chance.
  4. wayne137

    wayne137 Well-Known Member

    Really be serious there is just not enough dev working on the phone that's all no reason cause phone been out
  5. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    No lets be serious here, the src for the Esteem was released just over a month ago. Oct 13th to be exact. Now lets be serious again, I take it you know who CyanogenMod is correct? Do you know how long it takes them with a whole team of people to put out an official stable rom? Months. Now with that said would you want a stable rom and recovery or one thats buggy as hell and hardly nothing works and in which then you and others will complain "My wifi dont work!!!!!" This dont work! When I do this this dont work!!!" So if you want it faster and dont want to wait build it yourself and that goes for everyone else too. NOBODY gets paid to build roms and hardly anyone donates to them so they have to go to work take care of bills and feeding their families first then doing something that they get no revenue from to support their families that takes more then just 5 minutes. And really alot of people, not everyone, but a lot just takes advantage of them doing it in there free time and for free and want more more more more, faster faster faster faster.

    So bottom line if you want it so bad quit depending on someone that knows what they are doing and learn to compile a rom or recovery and quit asking and complaining.
  6. yahhboy

    yahhboy Well-Known Member

    By the way is playfulgod alright someone said he was on leave in some other thread?
  7. JayBondzeWell

    JayBondzeWell Well-Known Member

    i completely agree with shinyside. unless we are forking out money for what we want who are we to complain. its either you make it yourself, or be patient. nobody complains to the maker of the phone for what you want. so why rush those are are helping for FREE!!!
  8. intrdrgn

    intrdrgn Well-Known Member

    Actually in stock, it kicks f!@# @$$. :D
  9. JWhipple

    JWhipple Well-Known Member

    I hate to be the nay-sayer of the group, but look at how many prepaid phones actually get any real development to the degree that these 1st tier phones do...

    I'd say.... none...

    NOW, that having been said, it doesn't mean that I do not appreciate that which is being done!!
  10. double1

    double1 Well-Known Member

    You could get the optimus m, that has a cm7 rom or wait like everybody said. This phone has barely been out a month, give it time. Just @ stock it's by far the best phone metro has. I'm hoping metro gets a galaxy phone soon though.
  11. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    Note to others also, even tho a dev has and might be working on the phone, question is, who is going to pay for 1 month of service to make sure mms/sms works and no data issue's either? Some people dont even donate to the devs for there time spent doing us people's a favor and be the first one's moaning about something not working or there phone is brick.
  12. BRIAN5337

    BRIAN5337 Well-Known Member

    Are you complaining? or are you trying to determine what can be done to help in the process on a CWM.
  13. JayBondzeWell

    JayBondzeWell Well-Known Member

    lets give the benefit of the doubt and say he they want to help. but just worded the statement incorrect. =] we dont want to cause anx in a place we seek help
  14. BRIAN5337

    BRIAN5337 Well-Known Member

  15. matter0ni

    matter0ni Well-Known Member

    I would donate money to help support development of CWM/cm7 for this phone, but have no clue where to donate to.
  16. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    You can donate to PlayfulGod.

    Ps screw cm7 think cm9 ICS ;)
  17. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    uh huh ICS = a bad tooth ache if your not careful...
  18. wayne137

    wayne137 Well-Known Member

  19. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

    Yup and you know why it happened so fast? Because the communities are ginormous for those phones and the carrier.

    My only advice is either A. Wait or B. Start developing and then we have another dev if you pick it up quick and throw one together before anyone else does...
  20. Sppookkyy

    Sppookkyy Well-Known Member

    Where can some one learn how to compile a ROM or recovery? Is there any threads?
  21. ShinySide

    ShinySide Disabled

  22. JayBondzeWell

    JayBondzeWell Well-Known Member

  23. redhook

    redhook Well-Known Member

    They have a Galaxy phone (Galaxy Indulge), and it's a piece of shit. None of the Galaxy branded phones are all that good (except maybe the Galaxy Nexus, and that's only because Google had a lot of say in its design), reviews are paid for these days.
  24. JWhipple

    JWhipple Well-Known Member

    I disagree. I had the Samsung Vibrant (first generation Galaxy S) and was extremely happy with it - but not happy with the price of T-Mobile service. It was speedy, it was smooth, and the display was awesome. Benchmarks be damned, it was on par with any other high-end phone I've tried.
  25. redhook

    redhook Well-Known Member

    Obviously you've never used the Galaxy Indulge.

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