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  1. murphbo26

    murphbo26 New Member

    has any one got a recovery on the l75c to start using custom roms if so let me know how please!!!

  2. Ganon842

    Ganon842 Member

    I managed to get the directions from right here to work and am currently backing my phone up as I type this. The slider seems to be the same phone, just on a different network. I used Root Browser Lite to move flash_image to the system folder because the terminal wouldn't let me for some reason.

    I'm going to try out some of the roms over here later tonight or tomorrow and see if they work.
  3. murphbo26

    murphbo26 New Member

    yeah but that zip is for the vm slider if you get it to work gimme the details im new to this
  4. Ganon842

    Ganon842 Member

    I just said it works :p See the sliders LOOKS to be the same phone as the l75c, it's through another carrier so it's named differently. Follow the "Recovery" directions in that first link and you should be able to install Clockwork Mod. I say should because I didn't follow the directions to a T.(used Root Lite like I said) I haven't tested any roms or kernels yet, but getting that recovery mod on is the first step to installing a custom rom.

    Also can you boot your phone into recovery mode? I wasn't able to get into any form of recovery before I installed CWM from the that post.
  5. murphbo26

    murphbo26 New Member

    hey did you get anything to work i just bought the phone so im worried about bricking it
  6. clark71822

    clark71822 Well-Known Member

    I just tried Power, Volume Down, and Home keys and it booted into what I'm guessing was some form of recovery and it immediately reset everything back to factory...didn't get so much a confirmation that I wanted to perform a factory reset. So now I gotta go through and re-root and reinstall all my apps lol.

    Edit: I was able to install CWM using the link mentioned, however, when I tried those button combinations again, the CWM logo would show up for a split second before it swaps back to the LG logo. I can use adb in Windows to reboot into recovery just fine, though, so that'll be good enough for me.
  7. tm72ngh

    tm72ngh New Member

    Hello there.I have a question about clockwork recovery.I'm trying to install'it on a samsung galaxy mini gt-s5570 as i'm tiping this,but it seems is taking a little to much time to do so.I need to know haol long does'it taka to install clockwork recovery.
  8. clark71822

    clark71822 Well-Known Member

    You might check to make sure that you're using the right method for your device and that you've followed the steps exactly as posted. If done properly it shouldn't take much longer than a few seconds at the flashing stage
  9. pondd

    pondd New Member

    Did you ever get any roms to work? :D
  10. clark71822

    clark71822 Well-Known Member

    I've been wondering about that as well. Would be great if AreaRomQ with the overclocked kernel could work with the zip :D
  11. clark71822

    clark71822 Well-Known Member

    I've talked to DroidHost over at AA51 last night about getting a rom made for the Zip. He had me make a stock nandroid (minus the stock music and video players since I forgot to back those up before removing them and now my Bluetooth is messed up lol) and send it to him so he can see if he can either port the version for the Q or have to start from scratch. Will update once I find out more.
  12. D4RKR3D

    D4RKR3D New Member

    So did anyone ever get a rom to work with the l75c?
  13. spinheadmickey

    spinheadmickey New Member

    I have one of these LGL75C phones. Its my first smart phone but I'm learning a lot with it.
    Best I can find there are no custom roms for this phone. That being said I built a cooked
    ROM from a cwm backup. On installation you a have 139Mb free on device, but requires re-partioning sd card as rom uses app2sd. I'm having problems getting the adw theme set like I want it instead of default theme. When I get a chance I will upload it and post back. I made this rom because a friend borked hers up and wanted me to fix it for herso I know this rom works!!

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