CM 10.1 Not able to access storage

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  1. varunperumal

    varunperumal Member

    Hi all,

    I have a weird issue, After updating to CM10.1 latest nightly i am unable to access any of my internal or external storage, no music, photos even the CM updater is not able to download another version. But I am able to download apps and access the sd card in the Recovery (clockwork recovery). IS here any way to fix this? Please help me out.


  2. rajat85

    rajat85 New Member

    I am facing the same problem. Same device.
  3. varunperumal

    varunperumal Member

    Here is a list of things i have tried :

    1. Erased Cache partition, daliv cache, factory reset - did not work
    2. used sdrescan app as suggested on some forums - did not work
    3. Installed an olderversion of CM10.1 (Jan16th) - WORKED !!
  4. rajat85

    rajat85 New Member

    How did you install the previous version of the ROM? I am not even able to access the SD card in recovery mode, so unable to download the update at all! And can't access the phone through USB too.
  5. varunperumal

    varunperumal Member

  6. Shotgun84

    Shotgun84 Well-Known Member

    I've moved this over to all things root:)
  7. ironass

    ironass Well-Known Member

    With so many posts on the same subject, this would appear to be a problem with the latest, Nightly, build and, as such, is not unusual. Hopefully, it will be fixed in a future release.

    Just flash back to your last nandroid backup or install another ROM using Odin.


    See here for a solution. Update to the latest, 22, Nightly.

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