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  1. Ra21V12eN

    Ra21V12eN Active Member

    Was reading Lifehacker's site and apparently CM 7.2 is about ready to be released.

    I just re-flashed my phone to the standard CM 7.1 and will upgrade to the CM 7.2 when it is final.

    You can see the details here: CyanogenMod-7.2.0-RC1 is upon us | CyanogenMod

  2. jdblack

    jdblack New Member

    I just flashed this ROM and it's nice. Thanks for the post. I'm very new at this and this is only the second ROM I've tried. I was running Condemend.
  3. Ra21V12eN

    Ra21V12eN Active Member

    I'm still running the CM 7.1 ROM as mentioned in the first post of this thread and I have to admit, my Eris is like a brand new phone.

    My battery seems to last forever before having to charge it and it is still the original battery. I finally had to put the phone on the charger this afternoon and the last time it was on charger was Sunday night.

    Whatever CM did with this version regarding battery controls... WOW!!! :eek: :cool:

    I have not yet updated to the 7.2 because I don't have the time to do the upgrade right now and it isn't final yet.
  4. JesseBrown23

    JesseBrown23 Well-Known Member

    You flash this ROM from your phone same as other ROMS correct?
  5. doogald

    doogald Guides Guide

    Yes, though you do need to flash Google apps right after you flash the ROM and before you restart the phone from recovery. So, nandroid backup (optional), wipe data, flash CM7, flash Google apps, restart.

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