Cm7 boot loop stuck and when turn off and back on its still comes up

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  1. HotBoyLayne

    HotBoyLayne New Member

    My phone is stuck on the cm7 boot loop thing, turn it off and back on, removed battery and still comes up, tried to hard reset but cant get it to work, maybe im not pressing the buttons right and all.i dunno. thought i put every thing on phone to put cm7 on it. please help someone asap.

  2. an Action Hero

    an Action Hero New Member

    1) Power off phone by taking out battery, 2) while phone is off (and battery is in) hold power AND volume down buttons at the same time. This should put you into bootloader. Scroll to recovery and select so you can boot into recovery. Next, factory reset, clear cache, wipe davlik cache, and try re-flashing CM7

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