[CM7]-[ROM] CyanogenMod 7 Self-Kang #2 Alphafied 2.3.7

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  1. liderbravin

    liderbravin Well-Known Member

    i know that is a few people still on the hunt for the cm7 and cant find it,so here it is...still has some bugs but on my phone it runs pretty nice ,just go to page number one and read the steps to install and how to take care of some of the bug fixes...the cm7 working download link its on page (156 ) here :

    the link for the download on the first page its dead...i hope i helped those that still are looking for cm7 and cant find it!

    thread Link : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1363289

  2. psp_noob

    psp_noob Well-Known Member

  3. liderbravin

    liderbravin Well-Known Member

    true, but i really didnt see...lol...but most of those rooms are outdated already...
    [ROM] Juggernaut v3.7 is on version 5.0 now, in my opinion is the second best room...the one i like the most is :

    (ROM) Revenge Of Macnut

    (ROM) Revenge Of Macnut - xda-developers

    i belive is the newest one for our phone, and in terms on battery life is the best one, also its very fast...
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  4. psp_noob

    psp_noob Well-Known Member

    i'm running jugg 5.0 on my phone so i'm getting a kick out of this reply, i'll have to check this one out and update the thread

    feel free to use the discussion thread, that's why i created it, for discussion ;)
  5. Gangreless

    Gangreless Member


    Did you have issues with CM7 recognizing the internal and external storage cards?
  6. liderbravin

    liderbravin Well-Known Member

    no problems for me,but its also a option in cayanogen settings that u can change witch storage you wish to use

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