Cm8 Will it happen? Cm7... Is it over?

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  1. kennyiskarazy

    kennyiskarazy Well-Known Member

    So everyone is confused as to where isaacj went, and wonders if he will continue to make our loved cm7 even better.
    But If he does, who will take his place on making our ascends what we love them to be now, thanks to him and his cm7.
    Also If someone does take his place, or if he does come back... Will there be a cm8?

  2. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    for the ascend, i doubt that will happen, cm7 is luck to be on the ascend now.
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  3. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    is there even a CM8? lol

    And yes, I will try to maintain CM7 while isaac takes time off. But plz keep in mind I'm no isaac, so builds wont be as numerous. Mainly bug fixes I can manage to fix/implement myself, etc. Maybe a few goodies added here n there that aren't overly complicated to implement.
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  4. kennyiskarazy

    kennyiskarazy Well-Known Member

    Is there a place that the ascend cm7 users can go to write for the bug fixes/ errors reports/ questions about things that might be a great addition to new things to add to future cm7 updates... possibly like, I saw on the wiki about a signal boost something about the RIL to help signal strength, that he Attempted a fix. That would be great. I dono Im just saying I think It would help you out alot and isaac for future updates and fixes.
  5. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    pip and isaac had a bug tracker, but its been took down. I'm not sure if pip is stepping away from CM6 or not, so not sure what the future of the wiki is atm. I will speak to pip about the wiki, etc, if need be I can put a site up.

    I'm not a dev so this will be a learn as I go process, so changes and additions will be slow a slow process in the beginning. My main goal atm is to not fix whats not broken nor break whats not broken lol.

    And if when Cyanogenmod puts out CM8 it will be Android 3.0 ;)
  6. kennyiskarazy

    kennyiskarazy Well-Known Member

    so... the bug tracker has been down for how long?
    Is pip on cm6 and cm7?
    And what If isaac isnt really quitting on the cm7, then are you gonna like kinda pair up helping?
    You could start a thread about it maybe, If they dont already have one about the ascent and cm7 questions basically.
    Sorry about all the questions. Im just hoping that this wouldnt be the end of cm7. And also please dont break it lol.
  7. isaacj87

    isaacj87 Well-Known Member

    The Bug Tracker is gone. Pip got tired of people's crappy bug reports too. He actually owns it. Not me.

    And about your CM8 question. They're not even really settled with CM7. CM7 being based on Android 2.3, CM8 will most likely be 2.4 Ice Cream. I haven't seen any specs on 2.4.
  8. kennyiskarazy

    kennyiskarazy Well-Known Member

    But It will always be something to look forward too.
    How far along do you think cm7 is until its completely done?
    And Also, Glad to see your back, alot of people were worried you'd givin up on us :eek:
  9. omartinez217

    omartinez217 New Member

    oh thank you isaacj for comimg back cant wait to see more of your work:D:D
  10. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    Thanks for coming and clearing things up bro, glad all is good.:)
  11. kennyiskarazy

    kennyiskarazy Well-Known Member

    I really hope this isnt the end of cm7 for the ascend. :[
  12. BlastGT1

    BlastGT1 Well-Known Member

    Where one leaves off, another can always pick up.....
  13. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    Done taken care of ;)
  14. kennyiskarazy

    kennyiskarazy Well-Known Member

    True, and false. They'd have to study what theyve already done to the software and stuff right? to be able to move forward and continue where they left off...
    I really hope sometime in the future I could learn this and help out with this. D:
    Its like a dream.
  15. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    To get to isaacs level of understanding and knowledge of it yes. I know enough to keep it going atm, major improvements tho will take time as I learn myself.
  16. kennyiskarazy

    kennyiskarazy Well-Known Member

    very understandable, because I know If I were to try people would be waiting a while for an update haha.
    But hopefully we can just get all the help we can into making some major improvements for cm7.
  17. joenathan

    joenathan Member

    ALL HOPE IS LOST, the Ascend is no more, burn your Ascends people, its the only rational thing left to do!! WOE IS ME!!! WOE IS ME!!! SOME ONE HOLD ME, I'M SCARED.
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  18. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    lol, makes a nice paper weight ;) even has wifi :D
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  19. AndroidFan420

    AndroidFan420 Well-Known Member

    What if I've already rooled all my papers??? What will I doooo???
  20. Swagg422

    Swagg422 Well-Known Member

    ill jus use it as a wifi reciver then lol better than going to the store to get a new one.

    Sidenote: Thanks to CM7 i put metro Optimus users to shame all the time lol make them feel like they waisted 50 extra bucks. lmao
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  21. Aokark

    Aokark Member

    I have the optimus and my girl has the ascend and with both upgraded to CM7 the optimus definitely feels more snappy and smoother. she likes to put a ton of crap on the phone so I'm sure that's part of it too. I still think telling her to save $50 and go with the ascend was a good choice.
  22. nuttmeg

    nuttmeg Well-Known Member

    yeah but if you use dark a2sd her little engine can be/will be better and faster, and if she has a class 4 sdcard or better she can move the dalvik to sd also. ;)
  23. Sonasam

    Sonasam Active Member

    First off all of you(isacc pip toke jazz PG nutt sorry if I left u out ) did an amazing job sharing valuable info for this otherwise useless phone. second how do you find out what class the SD card is?
  24. PlayfulGod

    PlayfulGod Well-Known Member Developer

    grrr wrong thread plz delete!
  25. KOLIO

    KOLIO Guides Guide

    You may need to use a magnifying glass (seriously).
    Look for a number (2 thru 10) w/the letter 'C' encircling the number & that's it.

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