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CM9 on my Nook now

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  1. 2acclaim

    2acclaim Well-Known Member

    Couldn't resist the urge anymore so I ran a backup and put the CM9 nightly on my Nook late last night.

    Install as always was a breeze. Boot time was horrific the first time. I thought I was in a bootloop for a while since it stop moving for a bit, start it's animated boot screen, stop/start happened for a while. Being patient, which is not my strong point, it finally fully booted.

    Added the new gapps, booted again.

    I am running the openGL version. There were a few times while I was restoring my apps where it appeared to freeze for a while. twice I was forced to hard reset(holding down the power button).

    Installed airport mania(a favorite game of mine) and ran that for a few minutes. Sounded good, played smoothly.

    I have not tried, netflix or playing a movie(yet).

    Wifi works, sound works, screen works. Let it run overnight and tried it briefly before going to work this morning.

    Seems pretty stable so far. No force closes, but did have a few early lockups but those seem to have gone away.

    Overall pretty pleased. Will report more as I find more time to play with it.

    I obviously can't call it stable just yet, but it is running and running pretty well.

  2. ChiweN

    ChiweN Well-Known Member Contributor

    The build without openGL is more stable as of right now. Netflix doesn't work on either yet. They are still waiting on source for accelerated graphics drivers. I'm not totally positive they are going to get them. Hopefully they can cook something up.

    YouTube works, but YouTube HD video is unplayable. Been running both of the builds (samiam and eyeballers) since their inception, update nightly with each version on a different nook. Eyeballers on one, samiam's on my other NC.

    I still wouldn't recommend cm9 for most people as a daily driver yet.
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  3. tube517

    tube517 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Looks like I can't use it as a daily. I need Netflix or even PlayOn to work and no video works.
    Really nice ROM though. Once they get video working it will be sweet
  4. 2acclaim

    2acclaim Well-Known Member

    i found a few glitches when running it and certain apps. It's otherwise very stable and looks nice overall. Hopefully they'll get thing like Netflix and other video stuff running well.
  5. ChiweN

    ChiweN Well-Known Member Contributor

    The problem is the drivers haven't been released yet for accelerated graphics. Maybe the guys can write their own, I don't know.
  6. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Anything that was released was for Froyo, which doesn't work much with the latest version of Android, ICS.
  7. ChiweN

    ChiweN Well-Known Member Contributor

    Correct :D hence why we have a problem, Houston.
  8. 2acclaim

    2acclaim Well-Known Member

    well with Samsungs announcement of the Galaxy Tab 2 7 at $249 being released on the 22nd with ICS is probably the way I'm going to and relegate this one to my 10 year old.

    Not an earth shattering tablet but good enough for my tablet needs.
  9. PandaHacker

    PandaHacker Well-Known Member

    Could you be more specific in terms of horrific... I'm trying to install CM9 and I was curious how long the first boot time took.
  10. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    First boot probably takes 3 or 4 minutes, b/c of cache clearing. At least CM9 gives you a progress indicator during that time while it rebuilds the cache.

    If it takes longer than that, you're boot looping, probably b/c of failure to format caches OR you need to format data.
  11. PandaHacker

    PandaHacker Well-Known Member

    I'm pretty sure I'm formatting everything correctly. Im using the latest build and flashing with the bootable sd cwm ill try again and see what happens
  12. PandaHacker

    PandaHacker Well-Known Member

    Ooooh one thing to mention is that formatting data takes about 3 minutes to complete. Is that normal?
  13. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Yes, it'll take a couple minutes.
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  14. boatman

    boatman Well-Known Member

    running cm7, but really wanting ics. how does the current version play on the nc? is this worth doing as a general tablet/reader?
  15. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    I love ICS, but on the NC it seems a bit more laggy than CM7.

    A few people I respect that use the NC more than me (I only update my wife's NC every couple weeks), think CM7 Mirage is better suited to the NC. It's got the ICS icons but is nicely optimized for speed.

    Still, if you make a backup in recovery (assuming you're installed on your NC, not a sd card), and you don't like cm9, you could always restore your backup and go back to cm7. :D
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  16. ChiweN

    ChiweN Well-Known Member Contributor

    I guess I'll chime in here. Been gone awhile off in the LG connect forums, doing some dev work there, almost forgot about my nook, even though I use it daily lol.

    I have followed and used nearly every ics nightly that has been built since it began. Both opengl and non version. Its still not nearly ready in my opinion. Its buggy and laggy. To be honest, its never going to be quite right IMO. The nook just doesn't have the power nor resources to run it properly. Yes, it will run, but not like it should. Run ics on a devices meant for it and you'll see what I mean.

    On the other hand, the cm7 mirage kang build runs like butter, colchiro is 100% right. Its far better suited to the NC, and even once cm9 is done I still probably won't use it as a daily driver. The nook pulls it off, just not well.

    Btw, hi colchiro, long time no speak. Hows everything going with you and the family?
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  17. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Good to see you're still around. :D

    Yes, the NC doesn't have enough ram or cpu to run ICS smoothly. It's acceptable on my Touchpad (dual cores) and should improve once they get the hw acceleration working in the launcher and it's like butter on my Nexus.

    I'm well and my wife (who has the bad form of MS) is still working, but not sure how much longer.... at least next spring would be nice, but we'll see. Her supervisor wants her and her friends out, not something you'd expect from a US Gov hospital job.

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