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  1. Slayer1822

    Slayer1822 Well-Known Member

    Is anyone working on getting Cm9 onto the Rush? Just wondering? :D

  2. animania260

    animania260 Well-Known Member

    Even if we do get an actual cm9 port it won't be as good as an actual source build (compiled source) for the Rush of CM9. Simply porting a ROM from a similar device/chip-set the hardest thing may be building a kernel for the build as Cynagen Mod uses custom kernels that differ from vendor based Android or Android BASED kernel builds

    Everything but the Nexus devices are Android BASED because manufacturers make a lot of changes to the source and replace a lot of the stock apps - or remove them altogether. This why Samsung doesn't advertise Android because they don't have to (Samsung is becoming the next Apple... Unfortunately, but they still do a lot of things good for consumers at the moment). Sammy wants people to start thinking its all Samsung. Sammy is switching to it's own Linux based mobile OS very soon- I forget the name - next year or possibly even later this year. They want to control the hardware and software like Apple, and charge even more of a premium for their flagship phones... $800 dollars for a Galaxy Note 2 if you wanted to buy it outright versus $300 for a Nexus 4 which has better specs but a little smaller screen obviously but still the Galaxy SIII is $700 for the base model.

    Sorry for the rant just read this article a week ago about Samsung getting their mobile OS ready to replace Android on some of their phones.

    Anyway I am looking into how to build our kernel source compatible with CM 9+. We might get more Developers- dev's that have built, modified and actually write code (actual developers..) in here as time passes though too, which would be great.
  3. C_M_A_N

    C_M_A_N Well-Known Member

    Aww Samsung had something great going and their gonna ruin it. *sad face* but yes a port of CM9 would be fantstic. I'm not Mich of a dev but I will help in anyways I can :)
  4. Shabbypenguin

    Shabbypenguin Well-Known Member Developer

    tizen is the name of the new OS. i dont see it taking off, but its more of a bargaining chip with google.
  5. superboy4444

    superboy4444 Well-Known Member Developer

  6. rbheromax

    rbheromax Well-Known Member

    CM9 is kinda depreciated since 10 and 10.1 have come out, but I would still like to see some kinda aftermarket ROM on this device

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