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  1. mystic7

    mystic7 Well-Known Member

    Is there such a thing as too many apps on your android device? I've got the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. My CNN app has been working flawlessly for the 2 weeks I've had it but as of two days ago it has started force closing. I've installed about 10 apps in the last two days so I have no idea which one might be causing the problem, if any.

    Also, I know about the youtube uploading problem. I signed in using my original pre-google sign in and I can upload videos, but now I get an exclamation point inside a triangle in my task bar and when I touch it, it says there's been an error signing in to youtube and to enter my password. I'm still signed in so obviously the password is correct but it refuses to accept it. Plus it now pops up even when I sign in using my google sign-in. Kind of annoying. Any ideas?

  2. mystic7

    mystic7 Well-Known Member

    Update: It appears that certain downloaded live wallpapers seem to be causing the CNN force close. I switched to a stock live wallpaper and so far, no problems.

    Still trying to figure out the YouTube thing.

    Edit: Well, the CNN app is force closing again.
  3. mystic7

    mystic7 Well-Known Member

    Final update. According to the latest user comments for the CNN app in the android marketplace, ever since the last update this app force closes constantly. Mystery solved. Case closed. *burp*... sorry

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