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Co-op/online game (ANY)

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  1. shad0wboss

    shad0wboss Well-Known Member

    Me and my brother were thinking of starting an MMORPG or any game which can be played together, whether co-op or online worldwide.

    Please, flood this thread with suggestions :p

  2. kimsgrim

    kimsgrim New Member

    Inb4 all the crappy legend games.

    I've been looking for a good mmorpg for a while now, all I see at the moment are the same clones over and over.
    Like those legend games, pocket, star, vampires. All the same garbage, go here and kill 10 of those, rinse and repeat 10 million times.

    One game coming out very soon is Avabel, its out now but the English version is coming in march.
  3. shad0wboss

    shad0wboss Well-Known Member

    I've gotten tired of searching for an mmo on android lol unless there's a blockbuster one. I don't mind other co-op games around. Anyone?
  4. kimsgrim

    kimsgrim New Member

    I would love to see more co-op defence games, where 2+ players would have to defend against waves of baddies

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