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  1. mkm005

    mkm005 New Member

    Does anyone know if there are any compatibility issues with the micro SDHC cards and the Kryos 7015? I have a Sandisk 8 GB and my PC recognizes it and see the music and pictures on it. However after I go through mounting the external drive and dragging the files onto the drive and then unmounting the external drive on the Kryos, it says "preparing SD card", but the music or pictures don't show up in the music player or gallery. Any one run into this problem?


  2. BobOnTampaBay

    BobOnTampaBay Member


    I just got my Kyros 7015 and have been testing it out. I installed a 16 GB SDHC card, draged several files from my Windows 7 PC to the card. Have yet to be able to access them on the Coby. Will let you know if I find out anything.. Maybe it does not support the HC cards. I'd really like to hear from someone if they have had success with an HD card.

  3. BobOnTampaBay

    BobOnTampaBay Member

    UHH !! DUH!! The back of the box says: SDHD,... so it should work.

    My research thus far says that to view/access the files on the internal or external(SDHD) memory a file manager .app must be downloaded first. Silly me, I just ASSumed that a file manager came standard...too many years in the windows world where certain things are basic to the OS. In contrast, Android OS is lean and mean, and to keep it that way you only download what you need.

    I'll download a Fle Manager and post my findings.

    Another thing I learned in my research, is if you downoad an Android ZIPped file to your PC, Microsoft Windows changes the file suffix from .APK to .ZIP. You have to change that suffix back to .APK. Once it is on your PC rename it back to .APK or Android wont be able to deal with it.

  4. BobOnTampaBay

    BobOnTampaBay Member

    I downloaded "IO File manager" and a PDF reader. I can now "see" and access files on the SDHC chip.
  5. mkm005

    mkm005 New Member

    Hi Bob,
    Thanks for your help. I downloaded the OI file manager, rebbooted my Kyros and was able to view bothe my music and pictures that are on the SD card. The Kryos froze initally and I had to reset it, but once I powered it back up the files were there.

    One postscript however. Later I went in and added some more music and deleted some pictures from the SD card. After I unmounted the external drive and went to view the files, the Kyros was unable to read the SD card again. Very strange.

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