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Coby Kyros MD7015 stuck on fastbootSupport

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  1. Idatwinsis

    Idatwinsis New Member

    :(:(Sorry for posting again I was in introductions first try.

    [​IMG] Coby Kyros MD7015 Stuck
    :rolleyes:Hi there,

    Well you can really tell its the holidays, when the family gathers....My nephews decided to play around with my Coby reader...I have no earthly idea what then did...and of course they dont know either...they were playing around withe the buttons. The screen is showing the Product:MD7015,BootLoader Version:1.6a TCC8902 Processer 800MHZ,
    DDRII: 256M,NAND FLASH ROM: 32GBIT(all this is in the upper left hand corner) it is in landscape view.....in the bottom left corner in blue writing it says:
    The Device Enter Fastboot Mode
    Please Connect USB to PC or Reset the Device

    I connected to PC running Vista(first time) nothing has happened, nor will it turn off. It has been like this for the past four hours...If the battery runs out will it stop????LOL Can someone help me? before I debrain my Nephews !!!:eek::eek::eek: JK

  2. TN Dev

    TN Dev Member

    There's a reset switch on the back, get a pin and press it. I'm sure this is already resolved if you let it run out of power, but for anyone who comes across it.
  3. mcclain71

    mcclain71 Member

    but that doesnt fix the problem...it only reboots the tablet normally. if u go and reboot into recovery, u'll get the same message :/

    im having the same problem too, and i cant seem to find any answers yet

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