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Coby Kyros Mid7127 Stuck at Boot LoopSupport

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  1. Lucifer01

    Lucifer01 Well-Known Member

    Hello everyone, i have a Coby Kyros Mid7127, rooted. It was working perfectly for about 1 or 2 months after rooting. Today i woke up, and turned on my tablet, but my tablet ended up in a boot loop. It freezes at the Coby logo. Unfortunately, i never made any type of backup for it. Now im searching everywhere to know how to get my mid7127 back up and running. Does anyone have a backup for the mid7127 who would be kind enough for me to use, or can anyone please just help me. I would really appreciate anyone's help. I dont want my tablet just sitting there. Please, i need help! :(

  2. Lucifer01

    Lucifer01 Well-Known Member

    Nevermind everyone, i've finally un-bricked my tablet. This thread is now closed! Unless! Someone may need help with the same problem i had, and hopefully im able to help them.
  3. tinyy

    tinyy New Member

    Hello, i have a coby 7127 rooted and i used rom toolbox pro and added a new boot animation and now it won't boot all the way up. it hangs on the animation image. i have tried using the reset button and using down vol and power to get into recovery so i can wipe and apply my backup but this isn't working, i won't go into recovery. it just shows" the device enter fastboot moded please connect usb to pc or reset the device" can someone tell me what to do to fix this please?
    thank you
  4. Lucifer01

    Lucifer01 Well-Known Member

    Unfortunately, you mid7127 is bricked. But luckily, a member that goes by the name the_kwa has created a youtube video in which he explains how to successfully unbrick you tablet. This is the link to his video. Hopefully it can provide the help you need.

    [How to] Un-Brick your Coby MID7127 - YouTube

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