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Coby kyros MID8125 gingerbreak.

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  1. Zestypanda

    Zestypanda Member

    Hey, I recently got a Coby Kyros Mid8125 and I am loving it, my ownly question is do you think gingerbreak would work on it? It's running android 2.3.3 and the kernal version is, so I believe the exploit would work for this version because I think they patched it in 2.3.5. Any thoughts would be appreciated. I tried z4root it was a no go, so this is kinda sorta my only way for not to root the tablet. I know this section is for the 8024 models but seeing as this tablet is close and there are no sub forums for this exact model I will hope it's close enough.
    Edit: My old link for link back. Old Thread

  2. Zestypanda

    Zestypanda Member

    Sorry to bump. Can anyone share any help on this?
  3. Zestypanda

    Zestypanda Member

    Really? No one, come on! Please, is it that unreasonable?
  4. Zestypanda

    Zestypanda Member

    Please, I am asking this community to help and so far they have not, is this a giant task to help?
  5. progamer1515

    progamer1515 New Member

    I have a Coby Kyros MID8125 also and I have successfully rooted it with this program. It installs SuperUser also. Just download the latest version and it will not fail you. You have to install Busy Box separately though. I hope this helps.:cool:

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