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Coby mid 7024 update and problemsSupport

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  1. dogy

    dogy New Member


    I have a problem with coby.

    First I do not have an icon Market

    Second AppsLib icon does not work..
    When starting tells me that it is not compatible with my device.

    I wont to update my android on COBY 7024 but do not know how,cen you help me.
    My COBY Working as expected

  2. lknobbie

    lknobbie New Member

    I am having the same problem and finding it difficult to find an
  3. coyotekanta

    coyotekanta New Member

    I got MID7024 for my husband last year, and he did not use it at all. So, almost one year later, now I try to figure out how to install android market and all that stuff.

    Like you guys, I could not find anything under apklib or anthing. It looks empty. I tried to download tools for android, but coby does not download them or block them!

    Is there anybody who can help me?
    Honestly speaking, I have noooooo idea about tablet and android. I am soooo out of date.

    I just want to install Netflix, amazon, and such kinds.

    Please, help!
    Step by step advice will be highly appreciated!

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