Coding apps for Android: How hard is it?

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  1. pennysgeek

    pennysgeek New Member

    I'm interested in learning how to write apps for Android and understand it's done in Java. How hard is it to code in Java? I basically know simple html and years ago in college I took some turbo pascal but don't remember any of it (back in the 80's and never used it).

    I mean are we talking C++ difficult? I regret not taking more programming in college but it all seemed so complicated back then so I went the hardware route and became a computer tech. I do a few repairs here and there but nothing like it used to be. Now with the mobile industry exploding, apps are where it's all going and I'd like to be able to learn how do it.

    Any suggestions on books or dvd tutorials would be appreciated.


  2. alostpacket

    alostpacket Over Macho Grande? VIP Member

  3. rosemark0206

    rosemark0206 Well-Known Member

    Download eclipse.... setup the adb and then get the sample apps from android... there a great way to start.. the one thing I found different then most programming languages (i.e. J2SE and J2EE, C++, etc) is that the layouts are defined under xml under the layout folder of res.... once you understand this i think things will go smoother... think silverlight layouts... its a great way of doing it...
  4. Scythe

    Scythe Well-Known Member

    If you've never written Java code before, then it can be daunting. Otherwise it's learning the framework and how apps should function within Android.

    In general it's not hard, it's just a lot of work if you're aiming for efficiency.

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