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  1. dbinder1987

    dbinder1987 New Member

    Ok, so my brother has an ipod touch, and has a game called coin dozer, well i cant find a single thing onthe android like this. not sure if its possible to port it, or make a game simmilar to it, but im addicted to it. Its bassed on one of those games at the fairs where you put a token in and a seriese of "dozers" push the coin into other coins, and you try to push prizes off the edge and into a prize tray. if anyone could make this, it would be awsome, there arnt too many fun games on the android, and i think this would be a hit.

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  2. cmh0114

    cmh0114 Well-Known Member

    Do you have a screenshot that you could show of the game?
  3. mez

    mez Well-Known Member

  4. cmh0114

    cmh0114 Well-Known Member

    It's not available in the US store, so I can't download it to check out the game play. Can you give me a description of exactly how you would like the gameplay to act/feel?
  5. auflehnung

    auflehnung New Member

    coin dozer in the itunes store has been replaced by cookie dozer.

    Cookie Dozer iPhone application - AppStoreHQ

    stupid? a little bit.

    it's the classic arcade game. drop a coin at the back of a strip, wall pushes out so the coin runs into other coins. The basis is to get as many coins as possible to fall off said strip. You get special coins, prizes, and it's really just monotony. addicting monotony.
  6. cmh0114

    cmh0114 Well-Known Member

    Is this something that people would be willing to pay for, or just a free app? And if you're interested in this app, what would convince you to pay for it? A free app, then paid add-ons?
  7. jaseism

    jaseism Member

    I have seen this on a friends iphoney and think that it would be great on Android.
  8. cmh0114

    cmh0114 Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm sorry to say, but I won't be able to produce this app. I have several other apps that I'm currently working on, and I don't have the time (or the experience) to write an app like this. So, best of luck! :)
  9. Leftover Studios

    Leftover Studios New Member

    We have already started development for Coin Dozer and Cookie Dozer for the Android. Thanks for your interest!

    Leftover Studios
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  10. snoopybee

    snoopybee New Member

    Long for
  11. judekefi

    judekefi New Member

    I am addicted to this on my sisters phone, hope they bring out a free version or i won't be able to pay for it (I use maestro) hooray and hurry up Leftover studios :)
  12. m3nster

    m3nster New Member

    Thats good news, are you just porting the iphone version to android? Or are you making a complete new version? Is an ipad version also on-the-way?

    Thnx from the Netherlands
  13. fjdouse

    fjdouse Active Member

    Wow, Coin dozer is a cool game and I'd love to see it on Android, please add support for QVGA screens too.
  14. witman1188

    witman1188 New Member

    I have samsung i9000,i am also waiting to play coin dozer on android mobile
  15. witman1188

    witman1188 New Member

    hurry up! hurry up! I want to play dozer immediately
  16. mike4mcfc

    mike4mcfc New Member

    any idea when it will be ready????
  17. nokis_ng

    nokis_ng New Member

    Please Please Please
    Still waiting Coin Dozer come to my android
  18. Tramy

    Tramy New Member

    still waiting~__~
    hope i can play it in x10mini^_^
  19. Bryan84

    Bryan84 Well-Known Member

    Any updates? :D
  20. witman1188

    witman1188 New Member

    Many people are waiting this game in Asia,please hurry up,we are
    impatient to play
  21. tbird1987

    tbird1987 New Member

    How much longer do we have to wait for coin dozer on Android? I've been wanting this game for quite awhile now, and it seems like its never comming out? Been plenty of new games comming out, but not any that are interesting. In fact.... There not good at all. No offence, but I did have an iphone before, and seems like the games were better. A lot better, and with a larger selection. Shouldn't of went to an Android phone. I'm really disappointed. Anyways.... How much longer till the game comes out?
  22. Bryan84

    Bryan84 Well-Known Member

    Still no news into the New Year :(
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  23. slkpmp

    slkpmp Member

    Hey I'll pay for it. Please hurry up in the making!
  24. Fighthouse

    Fighthouse New Member

    Uhhh any update on this? Does it really take 6 months to convert from iOS to android?
  25. Bryan84

    Bryan84 Well-Known Member

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