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College Football Bowl Pick em'

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  1. Meadroidows

    Meadroidows Well-Known Member

    How many of you would be interested in a bowl pick em' contest on AF? The winner gets bragging rights on AF as the NCAACF Bowl contest winner. :D

  2. lexluthor

    lexluthor Well-Known Member

    Sounds like fun.
  3. grunt0300

    grunt0300 Well-Known Member

    Only one bowl game that i'm interested in. Seeing my beloved Notre Dame beat Alabama, for the National Championship! GO IRISH!!!:p
    Meadroidows likes this.
  4. Meadroidows

    Meadroidows Well-Known Member

    I'm not a fan of the SEC. I'm rooting for Notre Dame. :)

    Most importantly, welcome to AF! I'm kinda new here myself. :hello:
    grunt0300 likes this.

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