Color Splash [App]

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  1. dirhem

    dirhem Member

    app has been removed

  2. MrAsk

    MrAsk New Member

    check out the rating man. It sucks and doesn't worth 2 bucks !
  3. dirhem

    dirhem Member

    @MrAsk I am the author of the app. I feel like i need to explain a few things. First of all telling an app is suck without even try makes you look like a troll. About the rating, the 1 stars comes from first version which was very buggy. I have fixed it and app is stable. I would love to hear your opinions after you try my app.
  4. dirhem

    dirhem Member

    1.9 version is up !
  5. dirhem

    dirhem Member

    2.0.4 version is up!

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