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Colornote App

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  1. Adrian Wareham

    Adrian Wareham New Member

    I have installed the colornote app on my new Hero, i have seen that you can put the notes from this as a sticky on the home screen, how do you do this ? I have also installed the sticky note widget but cant figure out how they both go together, if they do ? Thanks

  2. jdsk9queen

    jdsk9queen New Member

    ok, I was having trouble with the same thing. I hit the plus sign at the bottom of the homepage, then Android Widgit, then Colornote. That brings up a menu that says "Choose Note". You pick the note you want to sticky and put it in an available space on one of your screens.
    Hope this makes sense and helps! :p
  3. robinrocks

    robinrocks New Member

    After spending all morning attempting to sync Colornote with my desktop, I gave up. If it was difficult to get an answer or find any information on their website, I decided it was not worth my time. Instead, I found Evernote, which works on whatever device I am using! Whew! It is a great program, check it out.

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