ColorNote Notepad Notes: A smartphone must, even with its simplicity

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  1. Osbor

    Osbor New Member

    OSBOR reviews;

    have some minor memory problems? remember something one second and then forget it moments later while talking to somebody? do you get easily sidetracks? colornotes will save your <insert important long-term commitment or rear-end region here>

    Colornotes is basic, like REALLY basic. It's simply a way to record bite-sized bits of information for later use. this is all done in a very minimal and clean interface, no frills, and no bells.

    the main screen when entering notes

    as you can see, very straightforward and intuitive; to put everything into "edit mode" one simply taps the little pencil icon on the upper right. this enables you to make changes; either adding new notes or new checklist items, editing current ones, or moving things up and down in priority.

    there are two "types" of notes which you can make, checklists and notes. Checklists are the stronger of the two for everyday use. each entry can be edited or added to, and when not in edit mode, can be "checked off" by simply tapping on the item. FANTASTIC for grocery lists or during particularly hectic work days.

    Notes are just a way to organize snippets of data. Useful, but i hardly used it next to the sheer might of checklists.

    the checklist system, and widgets

    as seen above, the "color" bit from color notes comes from the widgets the app uses. When making a new note or checklist, you name it (like "groceries", or "reasons i need a phone from Phandroid's review contest"). Then, when you attempt to add a colornotes widget to your homescreen, it will prompt you with which one to make a widget of. And of course the notes can be set to different colors.

    While this is incredibly useful if you have more than one note at a time, there is no larger widget to display a scroll through of a list of any kind. A wasted opportunity really.

    -efficient, clean, lightweight.
    -incredibly useful for just about anything.


    -no widgets other than tiny icons for notes? ehhh


    Osbor is a rather desperate applications reviewer, and takes this time to plead with the godlike figures that operate the website upon which this review is posted, pleading for the opportunity to drink of the font of android devices that is this review contest. (and of course this frivolous afterword will be removed should he win).

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  2. BGGirl

    BGGirl New Member

    Is there a help application for ColorNotes? I realize it's quite user-friendly... but once I add something to "check list" I'm not sure how to "enter" it without ending up with "strikeout" on my text. Please advise??!! anybody?
  3. JohnJSal

    JohnJSal Well-Known Member

    Thanks so much. I was looking for an overview of this app!
  4. jmppgarcia

    jmppgarcia New Member

    I'm looking for the notecolor files in my SD card and I don't find them. I find the folder "/data/colornote" but it doesn't have any file, only another folder "/data/colornote/backup" with 4 files inside: 1308023722144-AUTO.idx, 1308109204326-AUTO.idx, 1308023722144-AUTO.dat, 1308109204326-AUTO.dat.

    I would like to have my notes written with notecolor in my W7 PC. Does anyone know where to find the files? Can I use these files on my PC with notepad or any other app?

    Thank you
  5. VegasHawkeye

    VegasHawkeye New Member

    PLEASE help! The notes are on the SD card, and I got a new phone. I re-installed the app and I cannot find out how to get my backed up notes onto the new phone!!!! GRRRRR! What is the point of backing it up on the SD if there are no import choices in settings?!

    I have the Thunderbolt, and can't even find a way to open the SD card from the phone other than for pics and vids.

    Thank you!
  6. Miss_Liberty

    Miss_Liberty Member

    I am having the same exact problem and no one seems to be able to tell me how to fix it! Soooo frustrating! I have an evo I emailed the app developer on the 5th of Aug and then again on the ninth and then again today asking for help and so far Ive gotten NO response at all:( HAve you been able to resolve your problem?
  7. 4mryooper

    4mryooper Active Member

    Nice app with many features. The requirement to add a "Subject" is a show stopper. I need something quick and easy without all the bells and whistles. So deleted this app and have been using seNotes.
  8. faulty

    faulty Member

    I have not tried it yet but I just downloaded Astro file manager (free)which promises to allow you to send SD files to your phones apps. That helps with the lost back ups, yes?
  9. VegasHawkeye

    VegasHawkeye New Member

    Yes. I did figure everything out and I am hoping by now you have too! I didn't get an email that others had posted to this thread. So sorry!

    Anyway, people were saying it was easy because yeh... it was. lol
    When you are in the settings>backup - the backup button does just that, it backs it up. But when you put the app on a new phone, and click "backup", it pulls up the long list of backups from the SD card. Choose the latest one and there ya have it. HOWEVER, for some reason it tends to lose a few note changes that were made in the past couple of days, even though the backup is since like 3 am... so be prepared, and as a precaution you may want to email each note to yourself just in case.

    I now do the colornote online sync/backup update... and before you get frustrated on wondering how to get to THIS backup... it really does work. Once you install the app on the new phone>settings>backup and log in... the notes are imported.

    If for some reason you want to go back to the SD card backup vs online, click on the "online backup" where it has your email etc, menu>sign out. WARNING - for some unknown reason this deletes all of your notes! So send them to your email or something first.

    Good luck!
  10. EPowerOfAwesom

    EPowerOfAwesom New Member

    Hey all, I just got this app and I agree its awesome I really love the features.

    I'd rather back up my notes to my email. I synced the app to my gmail account. But I can't seem to find it in my gmail. Can anyone tell me where I can find the synced / backed up notes in my gmail?!

    Incase I'm misunderstood, What I would like to do is to view my notes on gmail and maybe edit my notes from there so it syncs to and from my phone and gmail?


    Yours Sincerely, EPowerOfAwesome. :p
  11. superted

    superted New Member

    Same question here!
  12. EPowerOfAwesom

    EPowerOfAwesom New Member

    I'm using Springpad now. I read somewhere that it only syncs with G-mail but it doesn't allow you to see it on G-mail and you can't edit it as and when you want from G-mail and on your phone as well and constantly sync. I downloaded all the top note pad apps and finally settled down on Springpad. Hope this helps. Cheers!
  13. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

  14. jmandawg

    jmandawg New Member

    What happend to making large widgets, The only widget size i can make now are 1x1 or 2x2? I used to be able to make a 2x4 widget for my large grocery list.
  15. Dld4a

    Dld4a New Member

    Yesterday updated from the original Droid to the Galaxy Nexus. I love my ColoeNotes App but because the new phone does not have a SD Card I am having trouble transferring my notes to the new phone. I had a similar problem when I had to replace the original phone with another Droid because I broke it, but because it had a SD card it was just a matter of figuring out the proper sequence of steps (which is a counter-intuitive set up, FYI). I have tried copying the files from the old phone to the new one through the data cables, but they still don't show up in under the Backup menu in the app on the new phone. Can you please help me? Thank you in advance if you can.
  16. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    Try this. Create a folder saying "ColorNote Back Up" on your computers, etc. Desktop. Connect the USB data cable to your old phone, then to the computer. Open up the storage location file that has the ColorNote backup files. You can find this in the data> Colornote> backup. (Just copy the colornote file over to the file you created on your desktop computer.) Unmount the old phone and mount the new phone using the data cable. Open the file manager on the new phone and see if there is a "data" folder. If it is, then just drag and drop the colornote backup file from the desktop file over to the data folder on your new phone. (Make sure to click the folder to make sure the files copied over.) Unmount the new phone, open colornote and see if you have a tab for restoring from backup. (You should be prompt to enter a password.)
  17. Dld4a

    Dld4a New Member

    I ended up having to "copy and paste" the files (alone, not inside a folder) into the folder the app created. Then go into the Backup menu and restore each note one at a time.
  18. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    a little more work, but at least you got them back.
  19. toronado455

    toronado455 Well-Known Member

    Does this app let you view/edit data online on a computer?

    I chose sync with Google, and created a note on the phone, but cannot find this anywhere online.
  20. itsallgood

    itsallgood Well-Known Member

    That's a good question. I will have to check and see. I know their is a website, but never went to it.
  21. toronado455

    toronado455 Well-Known Member

    I've already uninstalled and I'm using Evernote instead.
  22. electricpete

    electricpete Well-Known Member

    I started with color notes, was very handy.

    However, I've switched to memento. Truly much much better once you figure it out.

    I've also been toying with ever note.the only downside is all data goes to the web...concerns me about privacy and also about using up my data plan.
  23. toronado455

    toronado455 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, privacy. It's probably all gone by now. But I still try.

    I'm only using Evernote for my "to-do" and shopping lists. I'm using it because it has the cloud server and I don't have to do anything to sync data between the PC and phone.

    But, although it does accomplish the sync, Evernote checklists look absolutely terrible on the phone and not much better on the computer. I've yet to find something I really like.
  24. TinkerB3ll

    TinkerB3ll Well-Known Member

    Colornote is my preferred note/checklist editor, mainly due to its lightweight size, very pretty looks, and its intuitive (for the most part) user-interface. The organise by colour option is brill, though I'd still like folder view. Oh, and the widgets are delightful!

    My only real issues with it are that:

    *The restore option (of backed-up notes) seems to be problematic for some.
    *You can't add links to external files like .pdf's, .doc's etc. - though you can link to other colornote notes.
    *No support for inserting images.
    *The calendar cannot be linked to a Google calendar of your choice.

    Hopefully some (or all :) ) of these issues may be resolved in a later release.

    I have tried many other note apps, but most were too big and clunky on my aging tablet. "Simple NotePad" used to be my notes app, but it's ugly and awkward interface eventually tired me. One app that really appealed to me for its features and inventiveness was "freenote" which is very definitely worth a look despite its being fugly also!
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  25. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    I agree too! ColorNotes is one of the FIRST apps i downloaded when i first became an androianite. Still use it almost daily.

    You are right, restoring backups is a little "buggy".
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