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  1. kiv

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    A few weeks back I dropped a mug on my Google Nexus One while using the phone to display a recipe... It turned out to be a very expensive meal!

    My Nexus One was on of the originals with the (Samsung) AMOLED display. When I ordered the replacement screen, only the (Sony) SLCD was available at the time.

    I installed the new screen and digitiser today and the screen is working, except that no red pixels are lighting up. I am aware of the differences between the AMOLED and SLCD with regards to the AMOLED using two sub-pixels instead of three - So I guess that my issue is related to this. Either that or one of the ribbon connectors is loose?

    I have read conflicting statements in forums, some people say that the hardware is not compatible and others say that it is controlled by software (one ROM for AMOLED and another for SLCD Nexus Ones). Again, some people say that they have replaced an AMOLED with an SLCD with no issues, and others say the screen did not turn on, but I haven't seen anyone with the same "no red pixels" issue that I have. Is the SLCD screen incompatible with a Nexus One that was previously using an AMOLED screen?

    I would greatly appreciate it if some of you could take the time to reply.

  2. kiv

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    I think the problem is the version of Microp.

    It looks like the SLCD Nexus One uses microp-0c15, and the AMOLED uses microp-0b15. I checked my version and I am running microp-0b15, which makes sense because this was an AMOLED Nexus One.

    I can't find a way to change microp-0b15 to microp-0c15 anywhere, however.

    Has anyone done this before?


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