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  1. tshannon777

    tshannon777 New Member

    I have been receiving this error message everytime I open the People app - "com.android.htcdialer has stopped unexpectedly"

    No idea what that means and cannot find any useful info on Google.

    Anyone has similar problem or ideas how to fix it?

    Thanks in advance.

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  2. today

    today Well-Known Member

    Go too applications, find the dialer app or apps and clear cache and data. Should fix it.
  3. ivan_rusev

    ivan_rusev New Member

    I have the same problem and clearing the data of Dialer app doesn't fix it.
    Any other ideas?
  4. thinesdino

    thinesdino New Member

    hi...m having d same problem and the info dat mention above is not useful....any other tips..... :(
  5. bberryhill0

    bberryhill0 Well-Known Member

    Sometimes pulling the battery with the phone on will fix things.
  6. airborneb6

    airborneb6 New Member

    I had the same problem, and since I have Skype on my phone, I figured it might be the syncing that bugs up the dialer. I uninstalled Skype completely, and it works again. Stopping the auto-sync and removing the synced People might fix it too...
  7. lewood

    lewood New Member

    Thanks airborneb6 !
    I also remembered that Skype got updated over the week-end and was experiencing this problem too.

    I only removed the synching of contact and the dialer works fine now.
    I did not uninstall skype. I did however delete the dialer's data in the app management before.

    Thanks for the tip!
  8. YairMor

    YairMor New Member

    I have HTC One X, and I noticed this problem just today. Obviously, it was due to a change in Skype.

    I tried just clearing the cache and data, but it did not help, so I removed Skype completely.

    Immediately afterwards the dial app worked as it should without crashing.

    Thanks for whoever suggested this!
  9. marijohn

    marijohn New Member

    I have been able to diagnose the real reason for this problem with my HTC One XL.
    When I synced with other apps, some of the v-cards in the app 'Contacts Storage' had no data in the entry (other than name). I suspect this came from Skype (and I note the above reply said remove Skype - this did not fix in my case). I used Snap Pea to edit contacts and found and deleted those with no data, but I also found that phone entries that came from MS Outlook had a '+' before the number. This also caused the error message. Once I deleted/modified the errors, it now works properly. (Delete all data from the phone in Apps - Contacts Storage, Dialer, People.
  10. rockluvva

    rockluvva Member

    I'm now getting this on my new HTC One (M7). If I clear the cache, it seems to sort it. Until the next time. Surely there must be a fix somewhere? I tried wiping the phone & that hasn't helped.

    I have Skype on my phone but it hasn't been set up. & I can't see how other apps would affect this.

    I'm running Android ver 4.1.2

    Any advice would be appreciated - can't see any updates or anything, whereas when I had the HTC One X, when I did a wipe, it gave me a "people" update to do (although I didn't have this problem on that).

  11. gandhimaster

    gandhimaster Member

    happening to me, seemingly at random, htc one uk gsm. I havent modded or installed any roms or similar.

    Clearing the data etc/force stopping or rebooting etc fixes it, but it appears again at some point.

    I also have a strange extra entry in the call log, which is a newly created "unknown" outgoing call entry, timed at 5 mins exactly that gets updated whenever there is a call in/out to my phone. It's always there.

    Anyhow, I will not reset my phone as i've only had it a couple of weeks. It's setup how i need it, and thus i will not go nuclear on it just yet. People have already said resetting hasnt fixed it for them etc.

    I noticed also, that it's not connected to installing apps specifically, as it happens at times that new apps have not been installed. It also happens sometimes after app updates. I assume its an app that plugs into the contacts, syncing and whatnot so im hoping whichever app it is will eventually get updated?? Cheers.
  12. Bhanu413

    Bhanu413 New Member

    I Uninstalled skype It working fine .
  13. dmoney72

    dmoney72 New Member

    I'm really confused. I have the HTC One S on T-Mo. I've not tried to root my phone, I've not done ANYTHING at all to change anything yet my Contacts will not open and if I open the phone dialer and hit the contacts tab, I get the same above message. I've cleared my cache and tried all the above options and still nothing?!?!?!?
  14. trusol

    trusol New Member

    Thanks all for the suggestion to remove Skype. Simple, quick solution to a very frustrating issue. Get it together Microsoft/Skype. QUICK FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: CAN I EVER RE-ADD SKYPE?
  15. HTCDesire500

    HTCDesire500 New Member

    I don't have Skype on my phone, but I still have this problem! I tried to stop the app, cleared the catch, I restarted my phone like 100 times. I can't use my phone 'cause I keep receiving this error message everytime, even if I'm not on the People app which is really frustrating, I tried to reset my phone, but I still get this error message even during the phone setup. Can somebody help me, please?

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