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com.motorola.service.main error please help.Support

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  1. wiplash2000

    wiplash2000 New Member

    im getting an error message all the time .. the process com.motorola.service.main error. force close... any ideas what this means?

  2. ssackett

    ssackett New Member

    I am as well with two bnib Atrix replacements this week.. The tech at a local AT&T store even bypassed MotoBlur and that didn't help.. I called At&t tech support and they didn't have a clue either... Yay.. lol!
  3. wiplash2000

    wiplash2000 New Member

    Im now having more problems now..:mad:..No top bar that showes At&t ,Battery , Signal ect. Cant see whos calling. No insurance on phone dont wanna 600 on a new one but im getting frustrated...Anyone have a clue whats going on.
  4. ghcooper

    ghcooper New Member

    For the "the process com.motorola.service.main error. force close" error I downloaded ROM Manager v5.0.0.6 and ran the utilities "Fix Permissions" and for now this problem disappeared. Coop
  5. wiplash2000

    wiplash2000 New Member

  6. LadleMonster

    LadleMonster Member

    I'm having the same error! I can't even get into my phone at all, after I unlock it just gives me the error, makes me force close all my apps and then reboots.

    My computer doesn't seem to register the phone when I plug it in. How do I fix this?
  7. LadleMonster

    LadleMonster Member

    How would I go about downloading this, when I cannot get into my phone? Any help would be appreciated.

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