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Combine Text and Voice Messages?General

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  1. mkoenecke

    mkoenecke Member

    The phone I had before my Galaxy S4 was an HTC Rezound. The *only* thing about the Rezound which I liked better than the Galaxy was what they did with the messaging app: any voicemail messages appeared in with the text messages and were handled similarly. All I had to do was select a voice message, and I could play it, then (usually) delete it. All I needed was one icon, which showed the total for both kinds of unviewed/listened to messages. Is there any way I can get my messages to work similarly on the Galaxy?

    I do not miss anything else about the Rezound (even the Beats audio - the Galaxy's is just fine), but that was a nice touch.

  2. tytlyf

    tytlyf Well-Known Member

    I use Google Voice for my voicemail and text messages. You can setup multiple different notifications as well. Anytime a voicemail or text comes in I get an email and/or text notification. The voicemail is transcribed and can be listened to right from that email or by opening the Google Voice app.
  3. mkoenecke

    mkoenecke Member

    Interesting thought. I've had my numbers for many years, though, and do not know if I'm ready to make the commitment to port them over to Google Voice.
  4. tytlyf

    tytlyf Well-Known Member

    No porting required. You can get a free number you can use for additional business if you want and when that number is called it's forwarded to whatever number you want it to (cell phone, etc.) You may be able to setup the google voice without getting a new number, just sign up and add your info concerning your current numbers.

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