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    If you mean the tennis. Gutted for him really. But Federer is legendary. Dude needs to keep going imo, he's played the long game & done the graft to get where he is. This also makes Andy Murray a legend, but a slightly bigger legend won it.

    I can't believe the amount of people not wishing him to win, I mean come on, dude has put in a serious amount of work & improved steadily through out. That's why I think he should keep at it. He made light work of others who were a threat to him last year.

    Can see why he was emotional about it as he's climbed a mountain, only to see another in front of him for next year. But he's a strong fella & should do it. Athletes will always try to overcome their hurdles.
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    As much as I wanted Federer to win, it was hard seeing Murray lose Wimbledon. Still, I wanted Federer to match Sampras' record for most weeks ranked #1 which he did.

    I saw Murray defeat Federer live in 2010 at the Rogers Cup final. Perhaps he has a chance to win a Grand Slam in the upcoming US Open.

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