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  1. Jughead32

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    Aug 31, 2011
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    Hey guys,
    I'm coming from an iPhone 3GS and so far I'm loving this thing is just had a few questions that have me crying for my iPhone.

    1. Is there a way to have it beep or something if your on a call and get a text?

    2. To control music do I always have to cycle through the screens or is there a quick push button like iPhones double tap home?

    3. I swore I read that the g2x could disable email accounts based on gps location. Ie..leave work no more work notifications? Was it another phone or was I drunk?

    4. I found a setting to turn of text and email notifications between times and now I can't find it again.



  2. aquaitious

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    Jul 22, 2010
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    1. It should beep when you get a text. You can also enable vibration in the text message menu. Then it should make your ear ring. :D

    2. "There's an app for that." Or you can just use the default widget on the home screen. I use Quick Desk, but it tends to be slow sometime (of course, it could have just been my old phone.) Free version is available, too.

    3. You were prolly drunk. :D. However, you were probably looking at Tasker. It's total automation at your fingertips, except you don't have to use your fingertips at all! I think there's a 2 week trial available for it.

    4. Are you sure about that? I really can't think of anything like that. However, Tasker would be able to do that easily for you.

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