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  1. fucntonyman

    fucntonyman Member

    Does anyone know how/where to get the drivers for this phone? Verizones mediia manager was no help. Im trying to connect it to my laptp via bluetooth but it cannot find the drivers.

  2. rjglenn

    rjglenn Well-Known Member

  3. fucntonyman

    fucntonyman Member

    :DI have not, but I am on my way. Thank you!
  4. fucntonyman

    fucntonyman Member

    Ok I went, done that, but still no luck :(
  5. canyon man

    canyon man Member

  6. conifermike

    conifermike New Member

    When I first got my Casio Commando, I had problems trying to install the driver. The Windows New Hardward Wizard could not locate a driver on the internet, and the wizard would get stuck in a loop whenever I connected my phone to the USB port on the PC.

    After downloading the C771 PDF manual, I discovered that I needed to change the "USB connection" setting on my phone which was factory preset to "Charge Only". Once I changed the USB Connection setting to "Mass Storage", Windows automatically installed the driver.
  7. Oaky31

    Oaky31 New Member

  8. commando98632

    commando98632 Member

    Something weird and strange, and i would like to know how to re-access the "special" drive storage area in the Commando.
    I found where the drivers were stored, got them copied then WHAM, verizon said Oh no you Don't and the phone auto kicked the drive out..there is also something about a "Boot Strap" in the special storage area.
    The drivers I found were:
    C771 USB Driver V1.0.11.0
    For the life of me I can not re-access the small read only Drive.
    the Phone has not been rooted as of yet. But I did reset it had to many apps .. and the fastest way to be rid of them, was a total reset..oh and it also did something really funky with the Market. I have a really weird view with the apps of to the left and the the install and information data to the Right?
    I sure like that Better then what was on it before.

    Oh the drive thing came up right after re-formatting the cell stayed up for 10 seconds and proofed.
  9. Spike G

    Spike G Well-Known Member

    I saved all the files that are in the small verizon folder when you first connect the casio in a .zip

    Here you go
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  10. JoshWalsh

    JoshWalsh New Member

    I have read the post's from the other people.. My issue is when I plug the phone in to the laptop, an attempt to install the driver is made. I always says failed. I went to the setting tab in main menu, clicked applications and then development as instructed by a "Verizon" employee. In the development tab i selected the USB Debugging (debug mode when USB is connected) and also the USB connection is set to mass storage as instructed by the same Verizon guy.
    To sum it up, none of these actions have allowed the computer and the phone to communicate. Anybody have a suggestion?
  11. paxchristos

    paxchristos Well-Known Member

    ... have you tried this thread?
  12. Abarton922

    Abarton922 New Member

    thank you sooo much!!!!
  13. joina

    joina New Member

    Was wondering if you had any luck figuring out the problem connecting. I have the same problem ; yes even if I change it from charge to mass storage. Called verizon and they sent me another phone and the new one does the same this only worse, it wont let me even charge it from my pc. I am done with this phone.
  14. Lhurgoyf

    Lhurgoyf New Member

    I had the same problem connecting the Phone through USB. The Driver thread worked well and I haven't had a problem since. I love this page!
  15. dodgef25

    dodgef25 Well-Known Member

    I typically have the same problem. I believe it might be a problem on Windows XP. I have the driver install and uninstalled and reinstalled tons of times. I have to leave it connected for 15mins or so and sometimes I can get it connected.
    Yes even in mass storage and usb debugging on and off.

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