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  1. rasta4rest

    rasta4rest Well-Known Member

    Hi Folks , just to share for every user of C711 Commando Calculator.
    Don't know if anyone just tried and having the same experience as i do, but apparently the "Hard Key Combos" to enter Recovery Mode is possible now for this lovely Calculator we have.
    First thing you need to know , i still can't sure if this method can be applied to all of you guys , since i'm rooted my device from recovery instead of installing recovery from rooted device , so far the only cons for me is my C771 reset to its default number provided by fabricated Verizon Commando,since im not using Verizon as my provider , so i need to do some qpst to inject my provider number.
    [Currently Live in Indonesia].
    And i guess it's not a big deal for Verizon user,and since the phone functionality is the first priority , resetted radio configuration is not too much problem at all,except you flashed the radio.img that's the real problem.

    For Those haven't know yet to do Hard Reset Combo here's the Guide :

    Here's some image i got there :



    After that just proceed by punching you Power Button , wait for moment , relax , then you enter the Custom Recovery Mode you've installed before [ GNM Recovery in my case]

    That's it,No hidden trick nothing secret. :smokingsomb:

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  2. Willster419

    Willster419 The Casio Smartphone Guru Guide

    Hello Rasta,
    I for one had known about this, and find it very useful when making ROMs. (the debugging is off by default then, so if it does not power on...) a few quick notes on it that I have found thus far with it.

    It is a relatively new feature. Comes with M130, M120, maybe M110? Does NOT come with M100.
    Installing an M130 ROM will NOT make the hard key recovery work if you have M110?, M100 or lower. You need to update the kernel, which requires a verizon innopath update. (I found this one out the hard way :( )
    hope this helps ;)
  3. rasta4rest

    rasta4rest Well-Known Member

    Didn't know when exactly this is happen either while i updated to m130 Build or m110 , i'm currently downgraded mine to m110 after havin' some problem with m130. But i figured this out when im still in m110 before upgrading to m130 February ago. after trying to hard reset my messed up Commando.
    Yes i agree that this is quite useful for building a Custom ROM,but still waiting someone out here with great skill to create one , hope monkeytools will do the great job done , or is it me left behind some great news around here ??
    Actually i can't get an innopath update since im not in Verizon Coverage :(

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